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Hard work always pays off. I’ve been an e-commerce business owner for 14 years. I created a handcrafted gemstone jewelry business in 2010 from scratch. It started out as a hobby and a stress relief from my hectic real estate job.

I’ve had highs and lows, had my Instagram account of thousands of followers hacked and taken from me, I’ve felt like giving up from time to time. But I always woke up the next day and continued creating and marketing. I never gave up and I’m so happy I didn’t. 

Now I ‘ve started creating digital products to help other women start a small business selling products they’re passionate about. You don’t have to sell digital type products. Although the digital industry is exploding right now and predicted to keep growing over the next several years. You can decide whichever is best for you. Obviously, with digital products there is nothing to ship or stock, but both business models revolve around the same concepts. 

That’s the beauty of online selling. The concepts are basically the same, no matter what type of products you are selling.
My e-book guide is geared towards selling digital products but you can apply what you learn to any product based business. 

You have a line of products you’re passionate about, whether it’s handmade soap, digital baby albums, tee shirts… create a brand that is relevent to you, find a platform (or two -‘–website and Etsy) to list your products, you use Canva to create your digital products, marketing materials and posts, you set up email marketing, you create your social media platforms and you sell your products. 

My guide book takes you step by step from branding to marketing and includes a crash course in Canva and creating Reels for Instagram. All for only $49. Set yourself up for success by learning the framework for setting up an online business. You have nothing to lose but so much to gain! ♥
Are you ready to start your small online business?

Grab my E-book Course Guide here —> E-BOOK

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