Styling a long skirt from Macy’s

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Happy Friday ladies! The weekend is here! The holidays are quickly approaching and you should start thinking about what you’ll wear to Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve and Christmas dinners. A long flowing skirt looks so pretty, is easy to wear and comfortable. I’m styling for you today this great long skirt I picked up at Macy’s for under $20.00. It’s a really soft flowy material and I love it. You can find it here—-> SKIRT

A black sweater and boots go perfectly with this skirt. I’ve had this sweater for a while, so I am linking a few cute sweaters that would look good. I think I’m going to get the one with the pearls. So pretty!

Black Sweater 1 / Black Sweater 2 / Black Sweater 3

This is also a good skirt for work. Styled with a blazer you’ll be ready to hit that meeting looking good this Winter.

Black Blazer 1 / Black Blazer 2 / Black Blazer 3

This skirt is a nice material and can be worn through almost all the seasons. In the warmer months, wear with a tank top, long necklace and flats for a bohemian look. I like pieces that are not for just one time wear, but that are versatile for many events and seasons. I hope you enjoy this skirt as much as I do. And for under $20.00, it’s so worth it! Thanks to Macy’s for inspiring this post. #Ilovemacys 🙂

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