Cozy Pajamas and Lounge Wear

pajamas and lounge wear for women

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Hey there! Hope you’re doing well. With all of this extra time at home, I’ve been spending a little more time in my pajamas and comfy lounge wear. And I’m sure you have been too. By this point, you are either tired of the same pieces you have or you’ve worn them out. A few new pieces of comfortable lounge wear is a must right about now.

From what I’ve been seeing, a lot of pajamas, robes and lounge wear have been selling out. So I think many has the same idea about freshening up their stay at home pieces. I found some of the cutest pieces at great affordable prices.

Cute black short pajamas set is a great staple piece because it’s comfortable yet doesn’t feel like you’re wearing actual pajamas for bed. Really great to sit outside on the deck or patio with a cup of coffee or a book.

Here’s another cute pair that’s only $20.00. These also make really great gift ideas to send to someone for a birthday or get well gift.

If you prefer a long pants style, this lounge wear set is the way to go. Soft flowy pants and a cute tee style top. You can even run out to the mailbox in this set.

If those pesky hot flashes are getting the best of you, you may prefer a tank top style set. This is a style I pretty much wear all Summer long. This set comes in a few really pretty patterns. And it’s currently on sale.

Pretty capri style lounge pants are another great option for feeling comfortable but not feeling like you’re not getting dressed. Add your favorite tee shirt on top of these cute pants.

Sleep shirts are so comfortable to sleep because nothing around your waist.

And of course a cute pair of slippers are a must! 🙂

Stay comfortable, stay safe and stay positive! ♥

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