Happy National Handbag Day

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Happy National Handbag Day! You’re probably saying what is this chic talking about. HAHA, yep National Handbag Day is really a thing.

It’s no secret that women like bags….ok love bags! But who would have thought that an entire day would be dedicated to handbags each year?

It’s a day that women talk about, celebrate and appreciate their beloved bags even more than they normally do. So I thought I would celebrate the day by sharing with some really fabulous handbag finds that are drool worthy but won’t break the bank.

The Clutch or Wristlet Bag

A clutch or wristlet bag tends to be a smaller flatter bag with no strap or a removable strap. They’re great bags when you don’t want to carry something bulky. However, there are larger clutch bags on the market today that work well for workwear and everyday use.

Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags are a popular style because they allow you to be hands free. Great for running errands or walking around a festival. And most have adjustable straps and even removable straps for lots of versatility.

Shoulder Bags & Satchels

Satchels and shoulder bags are very popular styles. They are versatile and usually medium sized to carry all your belongings.

Tote Bags

Tote bags are great for workwear as they are big enough to carry all you essentials to slay the day. They are good for day trips and traveling, giving you plenty of room.

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