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Hi Ladies! Here we are a week away from Thanksgiving. Seemed like it was so far away but now we’re in full swing holiday mode. I know you get busy with trying to figure out the perfect gift, decorating the house, planning the perfect meal, that you forget about you and what you’ll wear. I don’t know about you, but I don’t get real dressed up. So when I see all those “holiday dresses”, it feels like a waste of money, unless you have an upcoming event like a wedding that you can wear it again for. Christmas Eve, it’s a family tradition of having a 7 fish dinner that I have done my whole life. I am always at my parents house for that after I go to church. So I do get dressed up a little for Christmas Eve, but not overly. On Christmas, I make dinner for my small family and then head over to my sisters where we basically sit by the fire exchanging gifts. So something cute and cozy is usually preferred.

So I thought I would share with you some pretty and affordable holiday outfit ideas. These pieces can easily be worn afterwards for work, going out to dinner or girls night out.

Black and white is a classic and always in style. Always looks good and can be worn for pretty much anything. I love this jacket style blouse with bell sleeves. It’s almost sold out. I am wearing a size small and does run a bit big so you can size down.

My shoes sold out quickly, but here is another similar pair: PUMPS

Who says you have to wear red for Christmas? This is a really pretty satin finish pink blouse with a leaf print design. I love the combo of black and pink and you can wear this for a few different seasons. Wear pumps or boots in the Fall and Winter and strappy sandals in the Spring.

One way to add a holiday feel is with some sparkle. You probably already have a pair of black pants, just add a fun sparkly top. This would be great for New Year’s Eve or other type party as well.

This green blouse is so perfect for the holidays. Great styling and color. On sale for only $22.00.

An animal-inspired fusion of spots and stripes shines on this soft and swingy scoop-neck top. Available in a few different colors. Add a jacket on top and you have yourself a great outfit.

If you really want that pop of red, this top is it. Lace and sequins make this a standout day-to-evening look. The over-size rosettes at the cuff are a stunning finish for this chic top. This top is under $40.00 and also available in black.

Just added this top to my cart. I couldn’t find it in the store. I love everything about this top….from the sleeves to the print.

I have to say, I am really loving the sleeves I am finding this season. So feminine and beautiful.

Lots of asymmetrical and handkerchief hems as well. There is definitely a good variety of styles this year.

Classy black metallic lace top…..perfect for anytime,

This embellished sweater comes in many different colors.

Silver or gold metallic sweater is great with black pants or a skirt and can be worn through the Fall and Winter season when you need a little sparkle in your life.

Add a trendy poncho over black pants and turtleneck that you already have and create a new chic look for yourself.

Or if you’re going to be sitting by the fire like me, simply add a pretty scarf to your chunky turtleneck sweater giving it a whole new look. This scarf would look pretty with a black, cream or white sweater. Adding a pop of color and elegance to what would be just a plain sweater.

An easy way to elevate a simple outfit is with some great accessories. Add a statement necklace to a plain neckline or a sequin clutch bag to an all black outfit making it pop.

I hope this helped you find something for the holidays and know that you don’t need to spend a small fortune to look amazing. You are beautiful, embrace it.

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