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Natural Face Powders, Natural Beauty for women over 40

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For the past fifteen plus years, I’ve taken a more natural approach towards health and beauty. I’ve learned so much over the years about how our bodies are affected by toxins.

We come in contact on a daily basis with so many toxins from the environment to our everyday beauty products. Products like pressed powders and face powders are items we use daily. But they contain some not so good ingredients. Things like talc, parabens and polyfluoroalkyl are just a few of the controversial ingredients found in face powders on the store shelves.

Cosmetics get absorbed into the skin and the chemicals can enter the bloodstream. Now I’m not trying to alarm you, not all ingredients in cosmetics are harmful. And it would be nearly impossible to try to avoid all store bought cosmetics. I’m a realist, and I admit I would not be able to live without some store bought make up items.

Face powders are a different story, I will never go back to any commercial powder. Because of the nature of a powder, they get easily absorbed into the body through breathing in.

I found a great natural alternative to face and pressed powders. These powders are so good you’ll never go back to store bought powders, I promise!

Arrowroot Powder

Arrowroot powder is an easy to digest starchy substance used in cooking and skincare products. It absorbs oils and promotes natural skin healing. It makes your skin feel silky soft.

This Arrowroot face powder is really good. Applied after foundation using a kabuki brush, it helps set your foundation. And it’s used in place of a pressed powder.

Pearl Powder

Pearl powder is just what it sounds like. It is freshwater pearls that are boiled and then pulverized into a fine powder. It’s been around and used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine. The powder is said to be an anti-inflammatory and detoxifying.

I use Pearl powder at the very end of my make up application. It’s a finishing powder that is silky smooth helping to set your make up for a longer lasting application. You will find less need for touch ups throughout the day. It also helps blur fine lines and pores giving your skin a smoother appearance. You can even wear these powders by themselves on your clean bare skin. They help absorb oils and give a flawless finish.

Even eliminating only one or two products, is a step in the right direction. Cleaner health and beauty is not that hard. Do your research and find good trustworthy products.

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