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As the hot days of Summer are winding down and the crisper days are ahead, it’s a good time to evaluate your skin. It’s been in the sun, the salt water and chlorinated pools. 

Your skin needs some TLC. But with so many products on the market, which is best. I always feel the more natural a product with the least amount of ingredients is best. Products on the shelves are loaded with ingredients we can’t even pronounce. Our skin is our biggest organ and should be treated just like we do the inside of our bodies, with the healthiest nutrients possible.

Today I wanted to share some natural alternatives to the body products on your local store shelves. And they all handmade by small women owned businesses.

Body Scrub

First thing you’ll want to do is some light exfoliating to get the dried dead skin off. Here are some natural handmade varieties. The main ingredient is usually natural sugar.

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Body Butter

Now it’s to soften the fresh skin. Body Butters are so good for the skin. They are thicker and creamier than regular lotions and really make your skin silky soft. And some of them have such a decadent smell, you’ll be tempted to taste it. (But don’t lol) Here are a few favorites you might like to try.

This one is a set of a body butter and scrub. And in a pumpkin spice scent, how can ya go wrong!

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Thanks so much for stopping by today! And I hope you find some new favorite natural skin care products.

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